Free Wednesday afternoon for PG students for sports activities.

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 2nd November 2021


Since wednesday afternoon are sports day and majority sports socities go out in afternoon, PG students would like to be part of these sports but the timetabling schedule doesnt allow PG students to take part in sports without skipping their classes. I would want the timetable to be changed for all classes to be held in morning which will allow all the PG students to take part in sports otherwise it is just unfair and biased policy from the University of Southampton to let only Ug students take part in sports.


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 18th Feb 2022 9:16am


I met with Alex yesterday to discuss another topic, but he mentioned that he had a response from Timetabling. Their response was that to make this possible, either the days would have to be extended or lessons would have to be moved to a Saturday. We felt that the majority of PGT students would not want to make this sacrifice.

However, during the meeting, we realised that in the current circumstance there would not be a possibility of PGTs joining in for clubs and societies on a Wednesday night, therefore we will be meeting with the rest of the Sabbatical Officer team, and members from SUSU to identify a way forward where our club nights will be as inclusive and accessible as possible. 

Due to the nature of the question being responded to, I will now close this You Make Change submission. 

Students' Union replied on

Thursday 3rd Feb 2022 4:41pm

Hello, I have just left my meeting with the Vice President of Education (Alex Neill). Alex confirmed that he will be contacting Timetabling in the following weeks to discuss how we could make this a possibility, as well as the constraints. I will keep this open until we have a firm response from the university.

Students' Union replied on

Friday 7th Jan 2022 9:40am

Hi. Thank you for your patience on this matter. I believe due to the Winter break, this has perhaps got lost in the communication streams so I will be chasing this for you today. 

Students' Union replied on

Friday 19th Nov 2021 9:13am

Hello! Apologies I have not gotten back to you sooner. I have raised this with the Timetabling team at Southampton but I have not received a response. I am going to meet with Alex Neill, the VP of Education, to see if he is aware of this and identify the next steps we can take. 


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy

    Friday 5th Nov 2021 9:12am


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