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Create more food options in piazza

It would be really nice if there was a rotation of food served in piazza or even just more options as currently the menu is actually quite limited and I find myself getting the same thing every time I go because it's harder to customise my meal like it was before Covid. Maybe there could be different specials every day or just a few more choices as the same thing on offer every time gets a little boring and I'm less inclined to go back.

Could we perhaps also be able to pay after getting our food as well instead of before as this would mean we could have more communication with the people making our food about what we'd like in it before the order gets placed and they start instantly making it before we've even got to the window.


Submitted on Wednesday 10th November 2021


Hi - just an update from me. I have met with our Head of Food & Beverage to discuss improving our menus, and will absolutely take your feedback into account, but we have no control over La Piazza, which is owned and managed by the University. 

- Ben.


Thursday 18th Nov 2021 2:31pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 12th Nov 2021 9:09am


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