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Reduce the sale of food which contains palm oil

There's quite a lot of foodstuff in the SUSU shop that contains palm oil, namely the warm pastries and snacks like flapjacks and cereal bars. Of course the production of palm oil is awful for the environment and animal habitats so I would be grateful if some thought is put into this.

It would be good to check if lunches sold in the plant pot, bridge etc have ingredients that contain palm oil if this hasn't been done already.



Submitted on Thursday 25th November 2021


Dear Rohan - thanks so much for submitting this idea submission. In response to your query, I have had a detailed chat with our Head of Retail, who subsequently audited some of the products we sell in the shop to assess their palm oil content. As you will know, sustainability and climate justice is a long-term priority of SUSU, and we are committed to a sustainable supply chain. With this in mind, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention and our Retail team has committed to look into it and investigate potential alternatives

- Ben. 

Friday 26th Nov 2021 1:40pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 26th Nov 2021 9:08am


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