How realistic do you think that university can be lobbied to reduce to international student fee's?

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 5th January 2022


I am pretty sure Russel Group as a whole has politics around this topic. However, it is immensely disappointing that international students pay more than two times for their education. It is clear that in more volatile countries, economies drastically alter these groups' wealth in a matter of weeks, while there is no control over this, international students are clearly treated as second-class "customers" as best and students at the worst case. I can't in right conscience justify making people pay 6 years' worth of education while giving them 3.  If the university wants to gain money from student tourism it is understandable from a business standpoint but this margin still is not justifiable even with the most cynical perspective. What would make SUSU "press harder" on the university on this matter? A campus-wide poll? 

And how realistic do you honestly think even assuming there is a momentum behind this that the university will follow through with this?


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Benjamin Dolbear submitted on

Monday 10th January 2022


Hello - thank you so much for your submission, and I think you raise some excellent points. As you will know from my election campaign, I believe that international students deserve some compensation for the loss of in-person education throughout the Covid pandemic, and I'm pleased that the University has put some measures in place to support struggling students (though they don't go far enough). 

I would also love to remind you of the many democratic levers available to students wishing to make a change at the University, including petitions. 

I will certainly raise your interesting comments to my colleagues in the University, and will continue to push for a fairer deal for international students. 

- Ben.