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Work proactively to improve 'blended learning'

I fully support the recent petition to move compulsory, summative exams online in the interests of safety and fairness. I am more concerned, however, about how teaching will be offered over the coming term. It has become clear that waiting for and following government policy is inadequate, so the University must be pushed to develop its own strategy.

As a starting point, this should aim to:

* Continue face-to-face teaching whenever that is safe and reasonable
* Maintain high quality remote learning options at all times (this has already become patchy)
* Ensure that future assessments always have an online backup option planned, with arrangement clearly explained well in advance

Submitted on Thursday 6th January 2022


Hi, I am going to close this submission as this is something that is in my workflow and is something I will be working on continuously over the next six months. Thank you for the submission and feel free to contact me any time (

Monday 24th Jan 2022 9:15am

Hello! This is definitely something I have a personal interest in and I have started work with the University to introduce a 'Digital Leader scheme' which will hopefully improve the digital capabilities of both staff and students which will then feed into a true blended learning experience! As an Education student, and someone who has worked in an FE college building blended learning from the ground, and is now one of the top colleges in the UK for use of edtech/blended learning model, I will strive for a good quality blended learning experience at the University. 

Thank you for your submission as this is definitely helpful for me to show that students are, too, interested in a good blended learning experience. 

Friday 7th Jan 2022 9:46am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Friday 7th Jan 2022 9:39am


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