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make the University provide a list of approved calculators

I have seen a lot of students get worried they may have the wrong calculator for exams, it is very hard to tell if the calculator you're about to purchase (which can be a lot of money to put upfront) is actually going to be allowed into the exams.

By providing this list of Casio calculators, people can easily find recommended or acceptable calculators and get practice using it in time for exams. I think this would save a lot of stress on students for relatively little effort and there is no risk of being disqualified.

Submitted on Saturday 8th January 2022


Hello! I am so sorry - it seems I answered and also marked it as complete which the system doesn't like so it just ignored my message!! 

I have been told that each faculty have a list of university-approved calculators, so please do speak to your tutors! 

Monday 14th Mar 2022 2:58pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Friday 14th Jan 2022 9:09am


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