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bring back the zero-waste part of the Plant Pot

When we attended Open Days, there was clear signage of a zero-waste part of the Plant Pot. This was one of the reasons I and lots of other sustainable students chose to attend Southampton and we have been massively let down. The university and union want to be more sustainable but I can't imagine the amount of food waste the eating areas go through every night.

Submitted on Tuesday 1st February 2022


Hello - a final update before closing this submission. I have spoken to our Head of Food & Beverage who has confirmed what I have said above. In addition, the team are exploring this week the potential for working with Too Good To Go to reduce the amount of food waste from the Plant Pot (a figure which is relatively low, anyway, and is often sold to students at reduced price points before being disposed of). 

- Ben.

Monday 7th Feb 2022 11:25am

Hi there. Thanks so much for your submission - I hope I have good news for you, but I will leave the YMC open for the week to make sure that I have given you time to respond in case I have misunderstood. In 2019, the Plant Pot opened with two separate offers: a vegan and vegetarian cafe, and a separate zero-waste shop where students could buy dried goods and snacks from zero-waste dispensers. I'm pleased to report that this zero-waste offer is still available, but due to space requirements, has been moved into the larger SUSU Shop. I absolutely take your point about incorrect signage, and this is something that I will investigate further.

- Ben. 

Thursday 3rd Feb 2022 11:07am


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Thursday 3rd Feb 2022 9:15am


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