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reduce the amount of food waste they have.

Give it to students who need it rather than it going in the bin. 

Submitted on Tuesday 1st February 2022


Hello - an update from me following on from a lengthy discussion with our Head of Food & Beverage. He tells me that there is very little food wastage at our food outlets because we often sell our products at reduced rates before disposing of them. We are also in ongoing discussions with Too Good To Go, a partnership which would see most of our food wastage cut significantly. If you'd like a more detailed conversation about this, I'd welcome your emailing! 

- Ben. 

Monday 7th Feb 2022 11:28am

Hi - thanks very much for the suggestion. I've arranged a conversation with SUSU's Head of Food and Beverage to discuss what the current situation is, and how it can be improved. I'll report back as soon as I hear something! 

- Ben.

Thursday 3rd Feb 2022 11:08am


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Thursday 3rd Feb 2022 9:15am


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