Wouldn't categorising flats in reference to sexual preference, cause more separation between the Lgbt community and the general student body?

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 4th February 2022


Not that I have a stance on this idea but just seems a bit counterintuitive. I feel like this line of thinking can lead to profiling of people based on other attributes they have down the line, which would not be pleasant, to say the least. What regulations are in place constitutionally that this kind of action won't be taken by SUSU's future officers that may lead to discrimination in some form? I apologize for the heavy subject matter.


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Savanna Cutts submitted on

Monday 21st February 2022



I am going to be closing this question submission now.

Thank you again for your question and if you would like to discuss anything further in relation to this then please do email me at- welfare@soton.ac.uk.

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