Please sort out the rat problem!!!

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 25th March 2022


I saw three today outside the library and 2 yesterday. I told a friend and he told me that he‘d seen 2 inside the library on the third floor last year. It is a health hazard and makes me feel unable to enjoy the campus because I am afraid that a rat will run from the bushes at any moment. Perhaps SUSU could invest in a lot of cats and limit the number of vehicles allowed down university road (so they didn‘t get hit). I think this could be very effective and popular with students.


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Students' Union replied on

Monday 11th Apr 2022 10:18am

Hi - thanks so much for your submission. Rats are a city-wide problem, and the Estates team at the University are always working to cut back foliage to reduce the presence of rats on campus. Unfortunately, having discussed the idea with colleagues, we do not have the resource to ethically look after cats to tackle the problem. I will continue the conversation with the University about reducing rat numbers as I know this is an established problem for students and staff alike. 

- Ben. 


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    Thursday 31st Mar 2022 9:36am


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