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Improve the fruit in the SUSU shop

Whenever I go in there's only ever oranges (so clearly, no one is buying oranges) or one/two apples that are past their best. Please provide better more appealing fruit, it would encourage people to eat more healthily. In school we used to have a free fruit stand which was great because people would snack on fruit instead of other stuff and it was all good quality fruit so it didn't put anyone off eating it. I often go in for a snack and want, like, a green apple or something but since there's basically nothing I end up having something more unhealthy or carby.

Submitted on Sunday 27th March 2022


Many thanks for your You Make Change submission,

I have now seen packaged fruit in the Shop with melons, strawberries and other fruits available!

I will subsequently close this submission, but if you do not find this enough, please get in at and I am more than happy to meet with you and discuss more options!

Many thanks,

Ella Foxhall, VP Activities

Friday 29th Apr 2022 10:01am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Thursday 31st Mar 2022 9:38am


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