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Run the safety buses during the study break period

There are students that rely on this service when they study late at the library and are unable to get home without getting an expensive taxi every night. Please run it during the break period. 

Submitted on Monday 28th March 2022


Hello. I have been informed that the reason we cannot run the safety bus during Easter break is because: "The Safety Bus is only funded for termtime operations and therefore does not run during vacation.  We continue to work with the University and partners through our SUSU Safe campaign to champion student safety both on and off campus".  I apologise for the inconvenience. However, I will continue my research alongside the Library to see what we can do in the future. I will now close this submission but please be reassured this is something we will continue working on, and is now in my list of priorities. 


Friday 1st Apr 2022 2:28pm

Hello! I have queried this and have received a response but I am waiting on a statement from our SUSU facilities lead. 

I will also be gathering data from the Library regarding the use of the Library during the vacation periods to see how we can support our students getting home safely. 

Thursday 31st Mar 2022 8:44pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy
    Thursday 31st Mar 2022 9:39am


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