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bring back bubble tea (boba)!

Me again, found an article saying SUSU used to have a bubble drop thingy. Bring it back pls xoxox

Submitted on Thursday 28th July 2022


Hi, hope your summer is going good. 

I would absolutely LOVE the bubble tea place to be reinstated. I've been in talks with the sales team and we are currently in the process of reviewing licensing of the space and finding brands that could be used, which is taking some time. I will update this with more information as it comes.

Many thanks, 

Casie Osborne, VP Sports

Friday 29th Jul 2022 3:08pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports
    Wednesday 3rd Aug 2022 1:47pm
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    Friday 29th Jul 2022 9:43am


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    Thanks, Casie! I appreciate your hard work around this. Hopefully, we can bring Boba back!! 

    Submitted on Wednesday 3rd August 2022 14:08 by Charlotte James