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add in a quotes page for catering services for clubs and socs events

Make it clear what a buffet/catered service/snacks include and how much for each of them. 

Submitted on Friday 12th August 2022



As this project is ongoing and won't be completed until January, I'm going to mark it as complete. If anyone wants any updates on the project, you can email me at


Zoe (VP Activities)

Friday 23rd Sep 2022 9:53am

Hi! Thanks for your submission!

I am currently liasing with the SUSU Operations teams who are in the process of creating an Events Management and Room Booking System for the SUSU building. This system will be able to offer tech and catering packages and offer quotes straight away to enable event planning to be a much smoother process.

This system wont be ready until semester 2 (at the earliest), but if you have any queries about costs, you can email and they should be able to give you estimates and contact relevant teams for costs. 


Zoe (VP Activities)

Monday 22nd Aug 2022 3:07pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Friday 19th Aug 2022 9:39am


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    Thanks, Zoe :) I heard about your booking idea yesterday at the Clubs and Socs Induction and I can't wait for it! 

    Submitted on Friday 23rd September 2022 09:57 by Lottie James

    Hi Zoe, thanks for responding so efficiently! 

    Submitted on Friday 26th August 2022 10:22 by Lottie James