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lobby for Sport and Wellbeing to make the annual subscription discounted

Other than getting 12 free passes, there's nothing special in getting the annual subscription and you only get a £1 discount... maybe getting a month free would be more beneficial and enticing for students. 

Submitted on Friday 12th August 2022


Thank you for your YMC, every submission is highly valued :) 

Southampton Sport is doing an annual deal which totals to £199, this works out to £16.58 (approx) monthly. This will include everything the monthly deal includes, but the monthly price is £19.99. So that includes the swimming pool, access to multiple gyms across Soton, fitness classes, ability to book courts, and loanable equipment for when you book courts (i.e. squash rackets available when you book squash).  

Furthermore, I am happy to announce that Southampton Sport have agreed to completely scrap any joining fees this year (previously £15) for any membership, and new this year are the bring-a-friend passes and the ability to go to any other BUCS gym nationally with their membership. Very exciting! 

If you have any further feedback on Southampton Sport, please get in touch and I will be more than happy to pass this on and lobby this change. Currently, Southampton Sport and I are highly focused on exploring accessibility and inclusivity, so are especially keen to hear from students on this. 

Peace and love, 

Casie Osborne, VP Sports 

Friday 26th Aug 2022 9:59am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports
    Friday 19th Aug 2022 9:38am


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    Hi Casie - another question from me, if I were to do 2 monthly sessions and then buy the annual, will the annual be discounted to account for the 2 months? 

    Submitted on Friday 26th August 2022 11:47 by Lottie James

    Hi Casie, looks like I'm just bad at maths. 

    However, I had a student ask: "Are they doing the reduced fee for access to just the pool and quays?"

    Submitted on Friday 26th August 2022 10:22 by Lottie James