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change quiz and curry back to a Sunday night

Looking ahead in the SUSU calendar, a number of us have noticed that quiz and curry has been changed to a Monday. This clashes with many societies and makes the quiz more inaccessible for those who have lectures or placements that finish later in the day. Sunday night was always popular and there doesn't seem to be any real justification behind changing it given that the bridge was always full when the quiz was occurring. Additionally, having the quiz on Sunday night is a great stress buster before the week begins. Changing it to a Monday night will mean that not only is it more inaccessible for those wanting to be involved in susu societies and attending late lectures but also we believe that less people will attend, including our quiz team, purely because Monday night is often used for studying over a Sunday night.

please consider reversing your decision to hold quiz and curry on a Monday before it restarts for the year as certainly you'll be losing at least one regular quiz team due to the inconvenience, if not more, which is a shame as we all enjoy it and use it as a way to chill out before the start of weekday lectures and placements. 

thanks for hearing us out,

sincerely, a curry loving quiz team

Submitted on Sunday 4th September 2022


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  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities
    Thursday 8th Sep 2022 9:36am


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    I agree! Unless there were students actually asking for it to be moved (were there?), it should have just stayed how it was. 

    Submitted on Wednesday 14th September 2022 09:36 by Charlotte James
  • I agree with this, the quiz should be on a Sunday night. Many people have commitments during the week already and Sunday is a quieter day on which I look forward to doing the quiz with friends in the evening

    Submitted on Saturday 10th September 2022 22:02 by Nathan Culley