Status: Accepted

IT service adjustment hasn't be done yet

For now, the university IT service basically includes online and offline, online is replied by agents of IT service via emails, offline is replied by agents of IT service at Hartley library IT desk only. The increasing requirements and needs from students and perhaps also lecturers of using IT service is urgent. There's no online chat service for IT service only, students will need to call in (expensive especially for international studnets) or have to email (which this way sometimes is very very slow), thus hope student union help to solve: 1. Adding online chat service (replied by IT professional agent, not student hub non-IT) IT agents, what i mean IT agents means those IT team, now the online chat service only be replied by agents at B37, the IT team didn't be included in;  2. Flexible adding some offline IT desk at not just Highfiled campus (Hartely library), adding IT desk at such as city center campus (B135, Building SJM), Winchester campus and so on.

I hope this partly non-efficient IT service issue could be done as soon as possible, it's really inconvenient, especially for international students. It's already the new terms starts, we students sometimes really be exhausted and a wasting time for such as travelling from Winchester to Highfield Hartley library just getting a laptop stuff done!!

Please could the president reply about this? It's not like help 'deliver this to isolutions team', it could be done more efficient by Oliver communicate/talk with the isolution team leader!

Submitted on Tuesday 13th September 2022

Question for: Union President