Bring Back Surge! Get Surge Radio playing in the SUSU building again!

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 17th October 2022


Surge Radio - the Uni's radio station - has been a fixture at SUSU since the 2000s... and until very recently, you could hear Surge Radio in the SUSU building. It was great for our DJs and broadcasters to experience an audience, and a great way of getting music in the SU building that people wanted!

Unfortunately during Covid this disappeared - but the time is right to bring it back: we want SUSU to bring back Surge to Building 42!

We've tried worked with the Activities Team and the VP Activities, who have all said they want Surge back. We've added the things they wanted - such as playing only radio-safe versions of songs where possible - and have even offered them a hand in adding music and tailoring music to SUSU spaces. We'd even be happy to work with the Marketing team to help promote SUSU events through the station.

We heard originally that we'd be back in time for Freshers. Unfortunately we've not really heard anything since then - so we'd like to see what you think about bringing back Surge!

Surge has started so many careers in radio, TV and journalism, and a lot of our alumni got their start playing out in the SU... and we want the next generation of student broadcasters to get the same opportunity!

In the meantime, you can listen to us at - and if you want to start your radio/podcasting journey, join us at!

Lots of love,
the Surge team


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Zoe Chapple replied on

Thursday 27th Oct 2022 4:50pm

As I'm in contact with SURGE, i am going to be closing the YMC now.


Zoe (VP Activities)

Zoe Chapple replied on

Wednesday 26th Oct 2022 11:42am

Hi thanks for submitting a you make change!

I have been in contact with the President of SURGE, and the last communication I had with him, i said that this was entirely possible but all the songs needed to be clean radio edits, which at the time they were not. I have had no further communication that this had been done, but as it now has, I can ask for the radio to be played within the SUSU building.
As this is quite a big project, SURGE would need to be in constant communication with the activities team, so I will reach out to them in due course to iron out some details. 


Zoe (VP Activities)


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities

    Friday 21st Oct 2022 9:34am


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Byron Lewis commented on

Wednesday 26th Oct 2022 12:22pm

Hi Zoe, this is Byron Lewis, the Station Manager and President of Surge. Thanks for listening to us and agreeing to get Surge back on the air! Already this has been the biggest You Make Change since the successful Meal Deal campaign, so thank you to everyone who has voted so far!

However I want to clarify a few things here from Zoe's response, just so that we're all on the same page.

We agreed to make sure only clean, radio edit songs go out over the air several weeks ago; we edited the songs that you asked for weeks ago, and I personally gave you confirmation of this on the 9th September.

When we did some analysis, we found that only 50 songs in our 2000+ song library contained swearing, so they've been stopped from playing out. Unfortunately, we haven't really heard much since then, either about this or other important decisions SUSU have made lately that will impact Surge. This is why we started the You Make Change.

Anyway, now that we're all here and on board, let's get on with bringing back Surge and giving SUSU the student-led playlist it needs!

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