Ensure people are respecting spaces booked for society events (specifically in the Plant Pot)

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 22nd October 2022


Following on from a popular Crushampton post that someone else posted earlier this week, it is clear that people involved in the numerous activities (band rehearsals, yoga, dance sessions etc) that take place in the Plant Pot have become fed up with people walking in, using the microwaves and playing pool when we have booked the space and I would like to bring this to SUSU's attention.

It may seem like a small thing, however this creates a lot of noise and disruption and is happening on the regular. Some guidance should therefore be implimented to remind people to be more respectful. Some signage could be put up reminding people of the appropriate times to be studying or socialising in the space, or a booking system for the pool tables in the Plant Pot that stops people playing at anti-social times. Alternatively, societies could be given the authority to politely ask people to leave the space.

Thank you : )


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Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 28th Feb 2023 3:07pm


Thankyou for submitting a You Make Change. As you have booked out the space, it is down to the event lead to remind people that it is a private event and are within their full rights to ask people to leave if they are disrupting your sessions. In terms of microwaves, you can redirect them to the library, and for the pool tables, you can redirect them to The Stags. If you you this, please remember to ask politely and respectfully. 

I will ask respective Staff members if signage/timetabling is able to go up in the plant pot/other bookable spaces. I'm going to complete this YMC now, but if you have any other problems or queries, please email me at vpactivities@soton.ac.uk.




  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities

    Friday 28th Oct 2022 9:38am


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