Flag committee members that haven’t paid their society’s membership fee

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 26th October 2022


So many committee members don't bother paying membership to the societies they're in and treat it as being a perk of being on committee (*cough* majority of the the dance societies never have their committee members pay for membership or any classes). It is not fair that other members subsidise the cost, whilst being a committee member is hard work, it is a volunteer role and they should not be getting free membership out if it.

No one checks up on these and the committee members get away with it and their members have no way of knowing. This should be checked for and flagged.


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Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 28th Feb 2023 3:55pm

Hi, thanks for submitting a You Make Change!

This is something that the Activities Team are aware of, and is something that we are trying to rectify by making improvements to our system. As it stands, we would have to go through every single committee member and compare this to a membership list which would be an extremely time consuming task that we do not have the time to do. Additionally some societies' constitutions state that committee members do not have to pay a membership fee which gives something else to check. 
Instead we are carrying out website/grouphub improvements and this issue is something that has been brought up as an improvement that needs a solution, as committee members should be paying membership fees. If you are aware of members not paying fees, please flag this directly to myself at vpactivities@soton.ac.uk or the activities team at suactivities@Soton.ac.uk and we can speak to them ourselves. 


Zoe (VP Activities)


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities

    Friday 28th Oct 2022 9:41am


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