Create a area designated for rest and recuperation from studies on Highfield campus. Such as a quiet space for naps with comfortable beanbags or indoor hammocks.

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 3rd November 2022


I think this is a necessary addition to highfield campus as often times I have seen students napping on their desk at the library and in the brightly lit rooms, such rest is not productive. I believe having such a room would increase student stisfaction since often it's the choice between not finishing work or not getting any rest as communiting back home may not always be an easy option.


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Students' Union replied on

Monday 7th Nov 2022 3:40pm


This is the response I got from the Associate Director of User Experience, Library Services:

We have a lot of requests for different types of spaces to be created in the library at the moment – quieter areas for neurodivergent students; an area for postgrads; a family area where people can bring in children, and a break out/rest area as this student suggests.

 These are all being fed into our plans for a major refurbishment of the building in the next few years. In the meantime, we do constantly look for ways to make small improvements. However, I don’t think we’ll be able to provide any specific break out areas this year. We do have soft seating around on many of the floors where students can take a break from their studies. And I know that some students do just regularly put their head down and take a nap where they are working – we don’t have any problems with that.


Unfortunately, it looks like with the current timeline for refurbishments at Hartley Library that a 'rest space' will not be possible in the short-term but are absolutely under consideration in the long-term as the Associate Director explains. 


I asked our Chief Operating Officer and Union President about their thoughts on developing a space within SUSU but unfortunately we are limited in space. I know that Below Deck in Building 42 is often used by students to relax and put their feet up, and we want to express that we do endorse students using that space for that purpose. 


I hope that this answers your question, please email me or



Students' Union replied on

Thursday 3rd Nov 2022 4:43pm


Thank you for your submission.

I have sent an email to the library team to ask about the feasibility of creating such a space in the library or another study space on Highfield campus. I will update you when I get a response.




  • Forwarded to Vice President Education and Democracy

    Thursday 3rd Nov 2022 9:05am


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