Bring Back Vegan Blueberry Croissants

Fiona Sunderland submitted on

Thursday 10th November 2022


We do a good range of vegan goods, and the vegan croissants are very nice, but just a plain croissant is so lacking. Back when I worked at SUSU all that got me in every morning was the thought of the warm vegan blueberry croissant I was going to get from the shop. When we went into lockdown I spent months dreaming of them, but when we came back they were gone. 

I've had to resort to buying a jar of jam and leaving it in the office to dip my plain croissant in, but it's not the same... and the shop didn't even have blueberry flavour jam.

The vegan and dairy free students of SUSU deserve jam in their croissants.


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Casie Osborne replied on

Thursday 1st Dec 2022 4:01pm


I've just been informed that the blueberry croissants should be back, with two currently in the bridge right now - yay! 

Please let me know if you have any other issues with this or any menu problems.


Happy almost holidays, 

Casie, VP Sports


Casie Osborne replied on

Monday 14th Nov 2022 9:24am

Hey, thanks for getting in touch.

I was honestly such a massive fan of these as well, so I would love if we could bring them back. I've spoken to our head of F&B, and they explained this was something they were looking into but not something they can put a timeline on. It's been quite difficult getting suppliers for certain things (also why the chocolate cake was temporarily gone from plant pot - it's back now though!). I know it isn't the same, but for now there are a few other sweet vegan things to try out. Our shop manager has been very keen to increase the vegan offering in the shop (section found with the gluten-free section, but also some things in the bakery like jam doughnuts and apple turnover), there is vegan chocolate cake in the bridge, and the plant pot has loads of snacks from the famous plant pot cookies to cake to packaged goods to brownies. I would definitely recommend trying a few things out whilst the team tries in the background to improve specifically vegan sweet bakery items. I know the team is keen to talk more to students on how we can improve the offering - exactly why our amazing plant pot manager consulted vegsoc on the menu developments and why it's so much better this year! - so please do message me if there was any particular venue you wanted to talk to. My email is, but you can also find me in the activities office usually or around bd 42. 

Many thanks, 

Casie VP Sports


  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports

    Friday 11th Nov 2022 9:28am


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