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provide signage on how to get to meeting room 2

So many students get lost and it's hard to support them if you're setting up for a social/don't have many committee members attending!

Submitted on Thursday 10th November 2022



I've just flagged this issue with the team. Updating building signage is on the agenda, but I've asked about when to expect this and pushed the importance of this job. I'll update when I hear more :)

For now, please know that SUSU reception can assist with helping people locate MR2, or alternatively, there is some building signage (though not always the clearest). I also know of some other club/socs having a committee member on the concourse helping to direct people or showing on their society story how to get to the destination (obviously isn't the most ideal solution but can work temporarily as I talk more with the team). 


Many thanks, 

Casie Osborne, VP Sports 

Friday 25th Nov 2022 9:50am


  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports
    Monday 14th Nov 2022 9:31am


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