Part-Catered Students

Nataliya Klymko submitted on

Tuesday 15th November 2022


I am a second year part-catered student, and I have realised both last year, and this year through the freshers in my flat, the lack of information we have actually recieve regarding the catering aspect of our accomodation. Most of the information we recieve is word of mouth, or through trial and error.

I just wanted to enquire as to why that is the case? Would it not be  beneficial to provide students with leaflets/ brochures explaining in detail their allowances, where and when they can use them, etc?


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Oliver Murray submitted on

Wednesday 30th November 2022


Hi Nataliya,

The team have gotten back to me and have agreed to send out correspondence to students clarifying the provision of part-catering and full-catering during the welcome back to halls period after winter break. The issue of engagement with Sharepoint sites has also been flagged in addition to the lack of clear information on this page, it will be reviewed and updated to provide students with a greater amount of information.  Further information will also be sent out to halls students prior to their arrival in September of the next academic year. 

I am going to close this submission for now. If you have any further questions please do enter another submission or contact me directly via email at

All the best,

Oliver Murray

Union President 2022-2023