Status: Accepted

Allow all students to register for the University Health Service

The University Health Service provides students with a reliable, accessible and convenient way to access a doctors whilst on campus. However, a number of students are not eligible to register for it due to not living in a stated postcode - for example those living in Ocean Village or Winchester. In Winchester there is currently a waitlist to join a GP and so some students are having to travel to their family home to get an appointment. I understand that the practice cannot be oversubscribed, but I've spoken to some students who lived within the catchment in their first or second year, and have since moved out of it, but because of the difficulty in changing practice (or because of how hard it is to get an appointment at other GP surgery's) they haven't informed the University Health Service that they have changed address so that they can continue using the services. The University Health Service is a service which all members of the university should be able to use - or an alternative practice be provided for those in alternate areas such as Winchester, which can offer the same quality healthcare and access to appointments.

Submitted on Wednesday 18th January 2023

Question for: Vice President Welfare and Community