Expand the Stags' food service times

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 25th January 2023


I remember that last year The Stags' served food from 12pm, rather than 3pm like it is this year. Why is this? Given the price of food on campus, I'm wondering if it might be worth returning to serving food from 12pm, or even 1pm. Opening at 12pm but not serving food for another 3 hours (as is the case currently) seems bizarre, especially since most people will assume that the time at which a pub opens is also the time that it starts serving food from.


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Casie Osborne replied on

Monday 27th Feb 2023 12:18pm


Thanks for your YMC. The team has informed me that stags is now serving food from 12pm onwards. I am currently working with them to better publicise these updated serving times so people are better aware of this change. Please do email me (vpsports@soton.ac.uk) or submit a new YMC if you have any suggestions on anything we can do better or general feedback. 

Cheers and have a great day, 

Casie VP Sports  :)) 


  • Forwarded to Vice President Sports

    Friday 27th Jan 2023 9:37am


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