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Why has SUSU Lettings partnered with a number of private student accommodation providers?

I was under the impression that SUSU Lettings was created to find good, affordable student accomodation, sourced via local landlords. I am now wondering why that has changed, and why they are instead advertising on behalf of private companies? Especially since the cheapest room on Unilife for example, is £165 a week and is located ~ 3 miles from the University, it's hardly value for money is it?

Surely with our 'surplus of housing' (see: Don't Rush campaign) in Southampton, SUSU Lettings doesn't have to resort to this. I understand the money involved in advertising these kinds of self-described 'luxury' accomodation but I don't believe it acts in the best interests of students.

Submitted on Wednesday 24th February 2016

Hi, thanks for your question. SUSU Lettings aims to provide a range of good quality student accommodation at fair prices – with many private landlords listed. We’ve chosen to work with companies like this to offer students more of a choice alongside the private landlords we also advertise for, as some students will find this type of accommodation fits their requirements.

Unilife and other companies like them that SUSU Lettings and the University work with are all assessed against the same high standards – we wouldn’t work with them if we weren’t happy that they offered high quality accommodation. If you have any more concerns about this please get in touch with me at

Tuesday 1st Mar 2016 6:36pm