Reinstall sky sports at the stags

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 18th February 2023


Went to watch premiere league football at stags this weekend, but they said there was no sky sport left to help reduce costs. This feature was the only reason why myself, and a number of others, came to stags - so we could watch football and have a drink. Paying for a private sky sports subscription, as you can image, is not realistic for a student budget. Since watching our favourite teams play is often a release from the stress of full time uni life, this makes it quite difficult for us. 
A number of us were very disappointed by this change and we cant see ourselves visiting stags in the near future as a result. I think this is definitely an opportunity lost, especially for example when Manchester united are playing in a cup final next sunday (shown on sky) which would have attracted many people into stags



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Students' Union replied on

Sunday 26th Feb 2023 9:10pm


Thank you for your submission!

I have spoken to our Social Enterprise Team and can confirm that the Sky Sports contract has not been canceled. We believe there may have been a network issue on the day you are referring to which our staff may have incorrectly assumed meant we canceled the contract. Everything should be fixed and running now, hope you enjoyed the cup final!

All the best,

Oliver Murray

Union President 2022-2023


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    Friday 24th Feb 2023 9:43am


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