Make consent training mandatory for all societies/teams with a consequence for non-fulfilment

Benjamin Colvin submitted on

Thursday 9th March 2023


Make consent and SA awareness training mandatory for committee members of all clubs, societies and teams, and have a serious, enforcable consequence for non-attendance or non-completion of training; for example being banned from Varsity, banned from booking rooms, banned from holding events or similar. This will ensure that people running societies do actually attend this essential training, and hopefully start to change the culture in a trickle-down effect!


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Zoe Chapple replied on

Wednesday 14th Jun 2023 4:43pm

Hi! Thanks for submitting a You Make Change!

This is something that VP Welfare and Communities, the Activities Team, and the University are all looking into as we speak. They are developing a consent training module which will have a consequence (TBD) for nonfulfillment. Hopefully this will be a training course that gets sent out for all students and not just clubs and socs so that everyone gets the chance to be educated on consent and why it is so important. 

If you would like to feedback into this, please email Aycha at


Zoe (VP Activities)


  • Forwarded to Vice President Activities,Vice President Sports,Vice President Welfare and Community

    Friday 10th Mar 2023 9:41am


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