I want to get a part time job from SUSU,what can I do?

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 15th March 2023


Hi officer,

I am currently a student from ECS, I want to experience becoming a member of Student Union and have a part time job.But I have little knowledge about that.Could you help me introudce some jobs.

Best Regards,


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Casie Osborne submitted on

Friday 17th March 2023



Hope you've had a great week so far.

So any student enrolled is automatically a member of the Student's Union, so is able to partake in club/soc activities, seek help from the advice centre and SUSU lettings, attend SU events, etc. Specifically concerning working at the SU, there are jobs advertised on the website here: SUSU - Work with us - Home. Jobs most suited for students are the ones under the heading 'Support staff', and you can apply for any of the roles by clicking 'view role', then 'apply here'. If someone does not reach out about a job, it is likely that that area is appropriately staffed in the meantime, but when there becomes more space to expand the team, then the relevant manager will reach out to any suited students. Please do see th job application forms for more details, there are also contact emails for the specific departments you may want to apply to. 

There are also jobs available on the university's MyCareer website which will have external job opportunities and also internal ones - often the university will promote their internship opportunities on here University of Southampton (soton.ac.uk). For further help for careers within the university (separate from the SU) or external, the university have a careers team to help students to become more employable and find the right roles for them. 

Hopefully that helps. Many thanks, 

Casie, VP Sports