Status: Accepted

Avenue campus

Can we have female sanitary products at Avenue Campus? Fair enough not having a shop because there's not enough students etc, but could we set up a donation box for sanitary products or something? Nearest place most people know to go is highfield and anyone with a period can tell you the 20 minute round trip in a situation where you need sanitary products as an emergency is very sub-ideal. The dispensers in the toilets are really expensive and often don't work! It's great they have it on highfield but could we extend something to avenue too. 

Submitted on Wednesday 12th April 2023


Thank you for your You Make Change. Just to make you aware, Avenue has free sanitary products on the desk at reception. Student Hub have boxes of sanitary products at all 4 Student Hub locations which includes Avenue. I am currently working on a message we can send out to students to inform them about this information. I hope that helps. If you have any issues with accessing them please reach out to me at I hope this helps. 

Thank you!

Friday 28th Apr 2023 11:35am