What are the rules on academic societies emailing non-members?

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 25th April 2023


Hi there, 

I am a maths student who is a member of SUMS but not of Actuarial Society. Despite this, i receive emails from them whenever they have an event. Since I am not a member I don't know how to opt out of these emails. I'm not on any academic committees but on another society and the rules are quite clearly to only email members. i was just wondering what the rules are on emails as i wish to opt out. 


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Zoe Chapple submitted on

Thursday 22nd June 2023



Thankyou for submitting a You Make Change.

Clubs and Societies should only be emailing from their designated members list on SUSU and should not be mass emailing whole schools/cohorts who have never signed up to their society. However, this is something that is hard for us to monitor for 400+ clubs ansd societies, so please politely request to them that they stop emailing you and take you off their mailing list, and then if they continue please report this to suactivities@soton.ac.uk where the team can talk to them personally and remind them of the mailing rules. You can also report them anonymously via our reporting tool which can be found here: Reporting Form: Clubs and Society Behaviour (office.com) (www.susu.org/support/club-and-society-concerns.html)

If you have any more queries, please email me at vpactivities@soton.ac.uk. Thanks!

Zoe (VP Activities)