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Limit noise made by societies during bookings

Every weekend one of the music socieities have a booking where they make the rest of the building unworkable. They are in plant pot but they can be heard in the concourse, bar 3, below deck etc. It makes it incredibly hard to work or focus when they are playing so loud. I know live instruments are loud but it is an unreasonable volume most of the time. Since so many of the other buildings are closed during the weekend the union building is ideal to do some work but it is impossible over the sound of the music. Can societies limit their noise when using such an open space?

Submitted on Saturday 29th April 2023


Hi, thanks for submitting a You Make Change.

Unfortunately the SUSU building is a recreational building which means there is, at times, going to be higher noise levels. There are many block bookings that we allow our Clubs and Socs to use, mainly as they have free access to this space which helps to keep membership fees low and affordable.

As SUSU isn't a study building, we are prioritising the needs of Clubs/Socs as they do not have anywhere else to do their activities, whereas there are many places on campus that are dedicated study spaces. If you want a quieter space to study, the library is open 24 hours 7 days a week. There are also other study areas such as building 100, building 85 or building 58. You could also book out a university room via the university's website. Lastly, the Advice Centre may have free ear plugs available for students, so this may be an option if you still wish to study in the SUSU building. 

I am going to mark this YMC as completed. If you wish to talk further, please reach out to me via my email at


Zoe (VP Activities)

Friday 19th May 2023 11:13am


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    Friday 5th May 2023 10:53am


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  • If you want quiet work in the library (pls ignore comment from Alice Bell, I didn't realise she was logged in)

    Submitted on Wednesday 10th May 2023 16:53 by Fiona Sunderland
  • The union is the only place suitable for many of the music societies, and we are very greatful for the space. We rehearse for gigs and concerts, that are held most terms. Rehearsing quietly isn't really an option especially when you have up to 40 people playing at once, or multiple electric instruments going through a sound system. 

    I'm sure all music societies would apologies for the inconvenience but wouldn't be able to do much in the sense of being quieter. 

    The library and other campus study spaces will give you the quiet you need. Or the timings of most society practice times are on the SUSU site. 

    Submitted on Wednesday 10th May 2023 16:49 by Courtenay Bolt
  • Work in the library if you want quiet? 

    Submitted on Wednesday 10th May 2023 16:43 by Alice Bell