Award categories for the EVAs

Frazer Delves submitted on

Wednesday 9th March 2016


Why have all Zones been included as categories for the Excellence in Volunteering Awards except for Democracy Zone and Student Life Zone? Given the great work of the volunteers in these Zones, can they be added as categories for this year's awards as it seems rather unfair to exclude them?


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Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 9th March 2016


The idea behind the categories was that the awards were stretched further across the Union but in a more obvious way, and the Zone names fitted in well with this. These are not confined to student groups in that area and are open for anyone to nominate – including anyone who has previously had little interaction with SUSU activity.

Student Life has now been included as a category title, and it was decided that it fitted in well with the Student Welfare Initiative award. Democracy Zone similarly do not have any student groups, but a Councillor or a member of the Zone Committee could be nominated for any of the awards mentioned such as Innovator Award, Cross-Collaboration or a Lifetime Membership.

Union Councillors, members of Zone Committees and other individuals that stand out also get recognised throughout the year through the Union Council Stars system. The EVAs are about extending the recognition further.

Thank you for your question!

Question for: Vice President Engagement