Status: Complete

Improve ways to access our personal timetable


I am aware that currently we can only access our personal timetable through SUSSED or the MySouthampton app. 

However, many other universities offer their students to subscribe their personal timetable on their mobile device calendar. I believe that this is very convenient as it directly connects with the university's server so any last minute changes to the timetable will be shown on our mobile device instantly. 

Perhaps Southampton can also offer students an extra way to access their personal timetable?



Submitted on Sunday 10th April 2016

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I have brought this up with iSolutions and have been informed that 'the MySouthampton App has the ability to export each appointment to students calendars. They are also looking at Adding the Exam timetable to MySouthampton. Last minute changes will go into the calendar since this is a single export of the event.' I will continue to make the suggestion and see if it is feasible to have a calendar that downloads the changes and if there is any progress I will be sure to publicise it.




Wednesday 20th Apr 2016 9:34am