Grad Ball 2016

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 18th April 2016


Hi, I was just wondering why the Grad Ball tickets were so expensive this year? I thought the idea of the committee was to make Grad Ball cheaper for the students! I hope the next act announced is a global superstar!


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Ed Baird submitted on

Tuesday 19th April 2016


The idea of the Grad Ball committee was to have student input into the organisation of Grad Ball. The committee all agreed on the price, which is cheaper than previous years (with the exception of a couple of years ago when Grad Ball ran at a 5-figure loss but with cheaper tickets). The price was chosen to give us a budget that allows us to organise an event worthy of celebrating graduation. We are currently booking more acts, but unfortunately global superstars (personally I wanted Beyoncé... and even global stars Little Mix were out of budget without us putting the price up much further and only having them as an act) are beyond the budget with 1500 attendees.

I'm sorry you're disappointed with the price, but I hope you'll be assured knowing that Grad Ball only just breaks even, so we really have chosen the lowest price possible.