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Affiliate to the National Union of Students

I would prefer to be a member of a union that has a national and international, in addition to a local, perspective. There was a vote on re-affiliating to the NUS four years ago, which most of the current members of SUSU were unable to take part in. It's time for another debate/vote on this important issue.

Submitted on Tuesday 19th April 2016


If you propose this as an idea to the AGM, it can be discussed by more students and they may decide to hold a referendum on affiliation. Having recently attended the NUS conference, many of the global issues they were passing policy on are campaigns we’re already running independently, such as the EU Referendum. We are thriving independently, and while I personally don’t think we lose out on anything by not being a part of the NUS, if there is a demand for a referendum I absolutely agree that this is a decision to be made by students. 

Monday 25th Apr 2016 3:10pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Thursday 21st Apr 2016 11:14am


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