Update for you make change?

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 19th April 2016


This has been in beta for quite a while so I was wondering if any changes were planned for it? From what I undertand your reason for moving away from the facebook group was that it excluded some students and that having a more centralised system on the SUSU website would be a fairer and easier way of handling things. That does sound very reasonable, and unless there were other reasons other than these, ideally I would like to see something similar to what we had on facebook here.

Firstly I would quite like to see a voting system instilled so both the officers replying and those putting in the requests can see whether it is more of a personal issue or if others feel the same way. I feel each request should have some form of comment section under it so a real discussion can be had publicly rather than having just the initial response out for all to see and then any further discussion happening in personal emails and others can add to it. Also a minor detail which I would like to see is spellcheck/ grammar check when typing it out- probably not worth putting too much effort into it but I imagine from it's prevalence on other websites that it isn't too hard to do.


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Ed Baird submitted on

Friday 13th May 2016


Hi there, sorry for the delay in reply, the good news is I can now confirm that the Democratic reform proposal passed at the AGM on Wednesday, which included a lot of improvements for the You Make Change website.

I’m really glad that you like the idea of centralising the system on the website, and some of the improvements we’ll be making to You Make Change are:

-Ability for students to comment on eachothers’ ideas and up-vote/down-vote

-Step by step updates so you can track ideas and what happens to them. This also means that the system will be transparent and accountable.

-All ideas will be submitted with a title of ‘Should the Union do x’, so it’s clear what the individual is trying to achieve, and what we should be voting on

The plan is for this improvements to be made over Summer, so that the new democratic structure can be fully launched for the start of the next academic year. The rest of the changes can be found here. https://blogs.susu.org/officers/2016/02/19/introducing-the-new-democratic-structure/#content

Thanks for your ideas though, nice to see we seem to be on the same wavelength!