Library Heating

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 7th May 2016


Last night the library was unbearably hot, despite all the windows being open. Can someone please turn the thermostat down? Thanks 


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Ed Baird submitted on

Monday 9th May 2016


Hi, thanks for sending this in. I have passed this on to the library and they are aware of the problems with temperature in some parts of the building. After exams the University will start on some major work on the roof and air handling units on level 4, which should see improvements in airflow.

In the short term they suggest that some of the extra training rooms that have been opened up as study areas are generally cooler than other places on level 5. If you ask the staff at the library front desk they should be able to point you in the right direction! There’s also a contact form to let them know directly of any feedback you have: