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Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 17th May 2016


I would like to know why, you, as the representative of the whole student body, thought it was wise to spent £30k on a new logo. SUSU was a muched loved name for the students union. We said it with affection, it was iconic. Why was it acceptable to change it to the plain and cheap 'Us.'? It seems it almost happened overnight. There was no referendum, and if there was it wasn't very well broadcasted. Please change it back. No one likes it. The money could have been spent better elsewhere, such as improving the temperature in Satan's inferno (aka. Hartley Library).


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Ed Baird submitted on

Wednesday 18th May 2016


First up, the amount spent on developing the new logo, including the consultation was £19k, though I understand that this amount still stings to hear. The fact is, SUSU was not a much loved named by the entire student body – in the survey, the majority felt ambivalent towards it, they were uninterested. In workshops it was called childish and patronising. It did not represent a brand that students wanted to be a part of – some felt affectionate, some felt disaffected. Far from overnight, the consultation and brand review have been reported on monthly in all student emails, newsletters, workshops, even a talk explaining the rebrand that was live streamed by SUSUtv.

I agree, the library could be much better – but with all the money in the world, the Union couldn’t directly fix this, as the University runs the library. However, we have lobbied for months and months and as a result of that, this summer work is being done on the library to fix that problem as part of a series of improvement works based directly on your feedback that we’ve taken to the Library.

The rebrand is creating a lot of controversy right now, and I think it’s because I should have tried much harder to put it at the forefront of students minds – but it was not a decision made in isolation or taken at all lightly. Please do feel free to get in touch and share any more concerns and queries, and I’ll try to do my best to explain.

Ben Franklin
Union President

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