SUSU rebrand

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 17th May 2016


Hi Ben

The rebrand has clearly been highly unpopular so far although I appreciate that you believe that students will get used to it over time and stop complaining.

Was it wise to do this over exam season when almost no students were going to have time to come to your proposed Wednesday discussion meeting/other launch events?

If students want to make a change/propose a referendum/propose some sort of alteration, doesn't the time of year make that virtually impossible givent that everyone is going home?



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Ed Baird submitted on

Friday 20th May 2016


I appreciate that the time of year for the launch could have been way better. Initially, the launch was planned for just before the Easter, but became subject to a series of delays – one of which being that we held extra workshops for students to submit designs and ideas for the new logo owing to the popularity of the first few! Attendance at the talk tonight and the launch events are only a couple of ways to participate, and we’re doing as many as possible so that students can find a time that best suits them to get involved.

Again, apologies that this took place at a bad time of year, but it was felt best to do it in term time than in the holidays and was only delayed into this period by the lengthy consultation process.

Ben Franklin
Union President

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