Mental Health Awareness Week

Frazer Delves submitted on

Wednesday 18th May 2016


What activities has the Union organised for Mental Health Awareness Week?


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Ed Baird submitted on

Wednesday 18th May 2016


Hi, thanks for your question. We’ve got loads of activities going on at the moment to help students take time out of exams, revision and assessments and look after themselves! It’s a really key time of year to emphasise the importance of looking after yourself even when you have a lot of other things going on, which is why we have the You Are More Than… campaign with activities aimed at so many different groups of students. Take a look at our general exam support (, our activities happening at the moment (, our work with postgrads ( and mature students ( for a flavour of what we’ve been up to this year. You can also view all of the support available from the Union and University at We’ve worked with Student Minds throughout the year to mark University Mental Health Day and other specific awareness events, but at the moment it’s so much more valuable that we ensure EVERY student is able to access the support and help available to them than diverting our efforts towards small, specific events. Whoever you are, whatever you’re studying, we’re here for you.


Sam Bailey

Vice President Welfare

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