Us. vs MMU

Emily Shepherd submitted on

Sunday 22nd May 2016


It has been pointed out by the new @YourSUSU twitter that Holdens' were also responsible for MMU's brand. It would seem there are a few similarities between these brands, for example:

  • The use of a minimalistic logo and switch to the word "Union" rather than SUSU / MMU
  • The terms "Your Oppertunities", "Your Space", "Your Voice" and "Your Advice Centre" which match uncanily with "Us.Oppertunities", "Us.Places", "Us.Representation" and "Us.Support". Each of these sub-brands uses a unqie colour and slight variation of the overall logo for both brands.
  • The concept of students modifying the logo with their own society brands whilst keeping the overall "Us" / "Smiley".
  • The use of an animated gif on both front pages, flashing between different variations of the logo.
  • The default logo being black on white for both cases.

Were you aware of the work Holdens' had done with MMU before / during the decision to accept this design?

If you were aware, to what extent were these similarities analysed to ensure there was no conflict of the two brands?

If you weren't aware, do you think this had an affect on the outcome - had you known, would you have made a greater effort to avoid these similarities?


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Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 24th May 2016


We were aware of Holden’s work with MMU, and at several points in the design process we raised issues with some things that were too similar. Ultimately, we acknowledged that many of the features you’ve highlighted would be similar to both Unions, but that they were of great benefit – to avoid them simply to avoid similarity would have been to discard some genuinely good ideas, like group together our offering into four distinct groups, and having a dynamic logo that students feel able to adapt and change. Before we’d even chosen an agency, we’d discussed how some of the best logos we’d seen were the dynamic and changing ones.

I don’t think the similarities lead to a conflict between the two brands, but rather point out some of the strengths in the new brand. Throughout the process, we were mindful not to simply replicate MMU, because there are obvious differences between our Unions – but the similarities that made the cut are the ones considered to add strength to the new branding. 

Question for: Union President