Rebrand Survey Results in Full

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 23rd May 2016


Please can students be provided with the full results of the rebrand survey, including all questions asked, all available answers and a breakdown of responses? The report from Holdens' which has been provided upon request from other students is incomplete and only shows those responses which can be twisted into an biased interpretation that recommends a re-brand. 

Please can it also be clarified who constructed the survey? This is requested because the survey was so poorly structured it was never going to achieve valid results that adequately reflected how students felt about the SUSU brand. As such, the survey results should never have supported the decision to rebrand. However, it was stated multiple times at The Bridge Q&A that this was the case. A friendly reminder that we have experts at the University who construct and analyse surveys for a living, and on behalf of large organisations and institutions including government. SUSU shouldn't isolate itself from the skills right on its doorstep.


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Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 24th May 2016


I can ask about getting the exact breakdown of figures to publish, but I’ll need a little time as the agency holds this information.

The survey was compiled in cooperation with the branding agency, who have been through the process several times. I do appreciate there was subjectivity inherent, a criticism I’ve taken on board and in future will trial surveys before distribution, and look for other methods of capturing opinion that aren’t just check box (for example, creative face to face consultation, or at the very least, free text entry) – this is something that is key to the democracy review too, so opportunities for students to offer their expertise and advice will be far more apparent and we’ll get a cross-section of views before we take anything to action.  

Question for: Union President