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The Student Voice & Transparency

In the manifesto upon which you were elected last year, you stated that one of your three main aims was to repair the image of SUSU. As this year and your term is coming to a close, do you think you have repaired the image of this Union or do you believe that you have done the opposite? Why so? 

Submitted on Sunday 5th June 2016

There have definitely been ups and downs this year, and I think that while I’ve not fully repaired the image of the Union, definite improvements have been made. From an increased uptake of You-Make-Change where the Sabbs are responsive to student need, to wider participation in our surveys and events than ever before, the Union has shown this year that it is responsive and it is listening. To this end, I think that the image of the Union has definitely improved, and that it is headed in an even more positive direction because of changes that were made this year across the spectrum of Union activity.

Ben Franklin

Union President

Thursday 9th Jun 2016 10:40am

Question for: Union President