Pictures/move in date?

Amy Bonnie submitted on

Friday 2nd September 2016


Hi, I recently got an offer of accomodation for non-ensuite catergory 2, part catered, Connaught. I can't seem to find any photographs of the two quads and an example of the room online - I don't know whether you had any avaliable? Also, I am confused about the move in date - my contract says the occupancy runs from the 24th of September, however I have heard we cannot move in till the 25th? Thanks for any help! 


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Christopher Small submitted on

Monday 19th September 2016


Hi, We have posted some picture on our Connaught Halls Facebook page ( of our rooms from last year. Both the quads are lovely spaces but I’m afraid I don't have any pictures of them.

Also regarding the move in date that is correct so each hall gets an allocated day to move in to help the traffic in the city, Connaught's is Sunday! Hope this helps!

Look forward to meeting you soon,

Sophia, Connaught Halls Committee President

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