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Freshers events

Hi! I wanted to know few things if I may. I will study in Winchester School of Art but I do not live in halls, I am renting a room privatly. Does it mean I can only go to these events wich mark Privated Rented? Also, can I bring a friend to some events or they all are only for students from Southampton uni? One more thing, do I need to buy tickets now or I could do that when I arrive? (as I'm not sure how quickly they sell out) 

Thank you in advance! 

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Submitted on Friday 16th September 2016

Hi Ana!

Thanks for your question! If you a renting a room privately in Winchester, you are more than welcome to join Erasmus Park’s events – check out their web page here As long as your friend has a valid ID card to get into events they should be fine! When you buy tickets is entirely down to you, but we frequently sell out prior to the event, so I would recommend getting them as early as possible!


Flora, VP Student Communities

Monday 19th Sep 2016 1:53pm