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How do I vote in the current

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"When is the referendum on the rebrand?


Hey Thomas,

We have announced that the dates of our All-Student Votes, including the one on the Rebrand, will be on Monday 17th October 12:00 - Tuesday 18th October 16:00. You can find out more in the blog I posted on Monday here"

I have read the blog but am still unsure how to vote in this. Also why is it not being advertised; I only found out about it by a poster in my department.
Submitted on Monday 17th October 2016


Thanks for getting in touch. If you haven't yet voted you can do so at union Hopefully, since submitting your question, you have seen the significant presence of Union staff promoting the vote, as well as individual campaign teams. We have also put publicity material at a range University of Southampton sites, including SGH, NOC, Avenue and WSA. You will notice the publicity on the Union's own website, the social media presence over the last week, and reference of the vote in two emails

We always reflect on the publicity and marketing of elections, campaigns and student votes and once results and voting numbers are public will reflect on the reach of these votes as well.


Cameron Meldrum, Vice-President Democracy and Creative Industries

Tuesday 18th Oct 2016 1:44pm