University of Southampton Safe Space Campaign

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Wednesday 26th October 2016


University of Southampton Safe Space Campaign

70% of transgender and gender nonconforming people experience some form of harassment in public toilets. This is NOT acceptable. 

We are asking the University and Student Union to consider the provision of gender neutral toilets and to reiterate that harassment isn't acceptable.

Gender neutral bathrooms may allow trans & gender nonconforming people to feel safer. And a campaign to fight harassment hopefully will help transgender and gender nonconforming people to feel more confident entering a 'single sex' toilet if they want to.

Everyone deserves access to public toilets and no one should have to fear violence or harassment.

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We believe there are many ways the Union could provide a safer space for transgender and gender nonconforming students. We feel it would be beneficial for the Union to liaise with students involved and interested in putting their ideas into action.

For example, in building 58 the toilets are singular cubicles but are labelled as male and female. We feel that these labels are unnecessary and would be much more inclusive if they were removed. Singular cubicles available to all would benefit a large range of people including disabled students and staff, for example in the case of claustrophobia or autism.

Signs in toilets and around campus reminding students that harassment isn't tolerated would also help.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this issue.


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 25th Nov 2016 1:46pm


I am aware that the Equality & Diversity Officer has been in touch with Campaign team and the issue was discussed at the recent Sustainability Zone meeting. We have previously had contact with the univerrsity regarding provision of gender neutral toilets and will continue to lobby on this issue. The Equality & Diversity Action Group are working with the University's Open Data Project team to develop a map of all gender neutral toilets at the University. This will be available through . We are looking to make a BETA version available in the new year.

Best wishes,

Cameron Meldrum - VP Democracy & Creative Industries


Students' Union replied on

Friday 4th Nov 2016 2:04pm

Hi there,

I'm conscious of the complex and sensitive nature of this issue and will therefore take it to the Sustainability Zone for more in-depth consideration and a wider student perspective. I will post an update to this message once the date for the next Sustainability Zone is set and would encourage anyone interested in this issue to attend. I will also will also ensure your facebook group is notified aswell.

Best wishes,

David Allwright

VP Welfare


  • Forwarded to Sustainability

    Friday 4th Nov 2016 2:59pm

  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare

    Friday 28th Oct 2016 1:13pm


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