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Floorplans of Union Building Level 1


I know that there are plenty of flat signs in level 1 but almost eveyone I know has gotten lost down there at some point. Would it be possible to have maps/floorplans printed out and stuck on the notice boards? 


Submitted on Thursday 17th November 2016



I have a quick update! Having taken the issue to Operations and Services Advisory Forum, I'm happy to say that there are now floorplans on the Union website - you can find them at

Hope this makes getting around the building a little easier!

Flora, Vice-President Student Communities and Deputy President


Friday 28th Apr 2017 10:06am


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Operations and Services Advisory forum met on the 5th December, and discussed the idea, which was very warmly received. We will be looking to put up PDF floorplans of the Union for all floors as soon as possible once the new term starts. I will post a link here once this is done. For more information, please see the minutes of the meeting, which should be available here as soon as they are ratified. 

Many thanks

Alex Hovden - Union President

Monday 19th Dec 2016 1:03pm


What a great idea and so simple. I will be delighted to take this to Operations & Service Advisory Forum on Monday 5th December for discussion and implementation. I'll update You Make Change following the meeting.


Alex Hovden - Union President

Friday 2nd Dec 2016 1:39pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 18th Nov 2016 1:41pm


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